Being a Mom.

One of my favorite things I’ve learned from being a mom has been the power of letting go, letting go of my ego, specifically. It never benefits you nor anyone else around you. I’ve become more understanding and kind because of it. Learning to change my perspective on, not only mommying, but on life has proved to me your ego serves no purpose. The easier it is for you to let that go, the easier it will be for you to handle what life throws at you. You will start to experience true joy. It allows you to take a step back and view what’s actually going on, rather than pretending or making an excuse for what’s going on. Control is an illusion. Guidance is the answer. The faster you can allow yourself to understand and believe that, the faster your ego will fade. Then and then only will you be grateful for what life has given you and not given you. There’s a peace in letting go and helping others, especially when those others are your own children.

I never realized being a mom would show me my strengths and make me face my fears. These little humans mean more to you than you ever could have expected. If you take a moment and put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective, you’ll learn a lot about life and yourself.

“I believe we should all look at ourselves the way our children look at us- with such love and acceptance. No matter how many mistakes we make, there’s no judgement, only pure love for the person they know we are.”

I challenge you to let go of all mistakes, all embarrassments, all set backs, and to start living your life with kindness. Kindness to yourself by knowing your mistakes don’t define you, kindness to others by understanding life can be tough at times. We all deserve smiles, we all deserve love. And most importantly, we all deserve acceptance.

Giana AuroraComment